Film editing programs include courses that prepare students to edit video footage that may be used for commercials, documentaries, television shows and films. Most programs don’t focus only on editing but also include instruction in screenwriting, sound, acting, directing, production and post-production.
Film editing can be a lucrative career. A starting film editor salary in India can be as high as 900,000 Rupees per year and senior film editors command even higher salaries.Some of the top Indian film editors earn as much as 40 Lakhs per film.

Duration: 6 Months

  • Story Boarding
  • Pre Production
  • Digital Design
  • Understanding Script and Story
  • Audio-Video Synchronization
  • Different Editing Style
  • How to Edit Film
  • Multi camera Editing
  • Basic Sound Manipulation
  • Use of Sound in Storytelling
  • Different Type of Cuts
  • Video Editor
  • News Editor
  • Documentary Editor
  • Film Editor
  • TV Serial Editor
  • • Regular projects
    • Guidance to develop your own show reel
    • High-end studio infrastructure
    • Production Based study environment
    • 100% job placement assistance
    • Expert Faculty members, including expertise from Film, TV, Ads, and Multimedia.
    • Practice time includes professional level training of ongoing Film, TV projects.
    • The Institute includes Film, TV Production section. So, better scope and facility at class.
    • Our students have already worked in many Bollywood, Tollywood Movies and TVC.
    • Extra classes will be taken by Bollywood & Tollywood Expert Faculty.


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